ISO 9001 Partnerships

We have spent nearly 20 years and traveled millions of miles, evaluating and developing strong relationships with manufacturing partners who already know that low cost absolutely must be combined with consistent quality.

All CNC WorldSource primary and secondary factory partnerships have either been awarded ISO quality certification or they are in the process of becoming ISO certified. All of our qualified manufacturing partners operate with strict written systems and procedures that ensure quality.

Our quality guarantee to every customer requires that every item will meet the "approved drawing" specifications... every time.

Advanced Vendor Qualifications

Using our unique process of qualifying each of our manufacturing partnerships, we've developed a strong track record for evaluating new factories and constant evaluation of current partners, ensuring that we continue to deliver real savings every time.

CNC WorldSource has invested time and money traveling you don't have to... and we have created a documented evaluation process which all our manufacturing partners understand and adhere to.

Sourcing for cheap prices is easy. Knowing and trusting that your parts are being made correctly, by the right factory, is the real challenge. Thanks to our World Class qualification process, you'll know you're working with the right supplier... CNC WorldSource.

Worldwide Logistics Management

Providing the most cost effective methods of efficiently transporting products from Point A to Point B takes knowledge, constant monitoring, and discipline. No matter where you want your products delivered, we provide added value every day.

Understanding all the ever-changing domestic and international requirements for US Customs and clearing freight to its final destination requires an expertise that can only be achieved through years of experience. With CNC WorldSource, you benefit from that experience with every order you entrust to us.

Domestic Terms and Payments

Significant upfront costs and prepayments to overseas suppliers are risky and can be prohibitive to anyone wanting to take advantage of low cost suppliers around the world. We reduce and often eliminate the need for large cash payments in advance.

Our long term relationships with all our overseas manufacturing partners give us the ability to offer very flexible domestic payment terms to all our customers that qualify. We guarantee it.

JIT Inventory Management

Few companies can afford to tie up working capital in inventory that won’t be need for weeks or months. Work with us, and we’ll reduce or eliminate this problem, by bringing your product to the US and holding it in our Dayton, Ohio warehouse until you need it. You receive your parts on a JIT basis, while we invoice you at the time we ship, for only the quantity we ship, from here…following whatever mutually agreed upon inventory and shipping arrangements you make with us.

Engineering Support

With our experience and staff know-how, we are solidly qualified to suggest simple design or material changes. We can perform on-site process and product performance evaluations in order to maximize your output and help you meet your objective.

We can readily deliver that level of support, in response to your needs.

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